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Working as a Dalang or Puppet Master is more than just an occupation in Bali. Dalangs are highly respected in Balinese society and for thousands of years have relayed important messages through Wayang Performances. Not only an artist the Dalang is the main figure behind a ‘Wayang Performance’.
I Made Sidia is one of the Bali’s most acclaimed shadow puppet artists whilst maintaining a unique humble humility. I Made Sidia is also a very busy man… His weeks are packed full, performing and teaching Wayang Shadow theatre, Topeng mask dances & Gamelan music. He also oversees a huge theatrical extravaganza has a crew & cast of 200 people and is performed 6 times per week!
Pak Made is concerned for Bali and the planet, which is reflected in his recent performances that have focused on the environment & living in balance with it.
I Made Sidia has a team of 10 puppeteers and accompanying orchestra who are all working together to breathe life into the ‘Balinese Rice’ production in order to premiere it at the 38th Annual Bali Arts Festival. I Made Sidia also has hundreds of Dancers and Actors that could potentially become involved should we raise enough funds for ‘The Dream Budget’.

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Yayasan Sawah Bali translates to the ‘Bali Rice Field Foundation’. Sawah Bali aims to conserve and sustain a working landscape in Bali 
and to restructure agricultural production to
secure greater economic equality and wellness for farmers.
Sawah Bali chose a site very close to Ubud as a pilot project titled ‘Seeing is Believing’ that would become a living laboratory to replicate the US Land Trust model while ensuring the culture, religion and legal framework of Bali was prioritized. Their Goals were to

• Increase the farmer’s income and health.
• Return to organic methods and restructure what and how crops are grown.
• Supply chain of logistics for selling surplus.
• Capacity building with all systems for model replication
• Resource management (subak) + crops to mitigate climate change and water crisis in Bali
• To conserve sawah+ subak, food security, cultural landscape and the heritage of generation to generation rice culture through land inheritance.

Sawah Bali has a motivated team who are assisting Rescue Bali in any and every way possible.

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Using permaculture principles, THK Bali educates, advocates & acts for a sustainable Bali. Headed by Chakra Widia THK Bali teaches and implements Sustainable Farming methods such as SRI (System of Rice Intensification), building rain catchment systems, recycle grey& black water, how to make natural swimming pools and composting toilets.

I Made Chakra was born in 1973 to a rice farming family near Ubud, Bali. Coincidentally, this was the same year the so-called “Green Revolution” introduced chemical farming to Bali. Fortunately the Balinese love of nature and trust of their traditions slowed down the inroads of this new, less sustainable agriculture. Chakra was able to grow up in a time where the people didn’t need money for food; edible vegetation, fish, eels, and birds all thrived together in the rice fields.
After completing his study on sustainable development, 4 years pioneering green tourism in UK and gaining commercial experience in his hometown, Chakra has devoted himself to developing sustainable agriculture and technology across Indonesia; from tsunami-ravaged Aceh, to the rice fields of Bali, where he has pioneered an effective organic Intensification System for nutritious, heritage red rice. Chakra’s knowledge and practical skills range from appropriate technology and permaculture design, training and project management, to consultancy for international NGOs.

Emas Hitam translates as Black Gold. Black Gold does not refer to Oil, it refers to something far more important… humus. Humus is the dark, nutrient rich organic material that forms in soil from the natural decay of plant and animal matter. Humus is called black gold because it gives plants super powers, basically you cant have too much black gold in your garden!

Emas Hitam is a non-government organization (yayasan) founded in December 2015, to provide ecological solutions to development and poverty across Indonesia. Guided by the ethics and principles of permaculture and agroecology, Emas Hitam’s activities span the field of sustainable development, from providing agricultural and land management training and education in remote regions, to residential and commercial development consulting.

Kadek Suardika is a founding member of Yayasan Emas Hitam, a local leader of his Subak (Community Farming Organisation) and has a long history and deep knowledge of organic farming in Bali. Kadek is passionate about not only farming but giving back to the community. Kadek with Emas Hitam Indonesia are assisting us in creating the educational farming films to raise farmer’s incomes and therefore their family’s livlihoods.

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“Cinta Bahasa” comes from the phrase “Cintailah Bahasa Indonesia” which means “Love the Indonesian Language”.
Cinta Bahasa’s vision is one of a harmonious and integrated society between foreigners and Indonesians through regular interaction and sharing of ideas and experiences that can be communicated using Bahasa Indonesia.
Cinta Bahasa’s vision is to encourage improved communication between foreigners and Indonesians using a variety of different means: providing language training and translation/interpretation services, as well as activities and events which encourage foreigners and Indonesians to get to know each other and for foreigners become integrated better in Indonesian culture and society.
Cinta Bahasa is providing great support for Rescue Bali with professional translation services, Bahasa Indonesian classes & networking. The dedicated and hardworking staff at C.B. always have a smile and a happy vibe.

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IDEP Media are helping to ensure that RescueBali has the best chance at creating positive change.

IDEP Media has been creating high-impact community education since 1999.
They are an independent Publisher and Media Production House, built to support Yayasan IDEP Selaras Alam running their activities in community development throughout Indonesia!

IDEP Media make powerful documentaries and are helping RescueBali throughout the filmmaking process. Their approach, which focuses on prevention and providing solutions, is just one important reason IDEP Media and RescueBali are working together.