Our mission is to empower Balinese farmers & communities to SAVE their RICE TERRACES from over-development through the ancient art of storytelling & to help create a healthy and prosperous Bali future.

Whilst highlighting the current day problems resulting from the rapid transformation of agricultural lands, our FOCUS will be on the SOLUTIONS:

  • Documenting & sharing knowledge of how farmers can increase their wealth & families livelihoods
  • Redefine the image of Balinese farmers
  • Ignite passion in the entire Balinese community for their farmers, farming lands, farming heritage & food security
  • Apply pressure to government to do more for the agricultural sector
  • Motivate locals to act now


We are using two forms of storytelling:

The first is a modern-spin on the traditional art form Wayang Kulit (Shadow Puppet Theatre). For over a millennium Puppet Masters have used shadow puppetry to tell religious stories with underling moral messages from part of Vedic holy text, the Bhagavad-Gita. Puppet shows are often held as part of temple festivals and are highly respected as a form of entertainment, ritual & teaching.

Our Wayang Performance will showcase the never before told tale of ‘Balinese Rice’. It will encompass the History of Balinese Rice, right up until today and into the future. With alternative endings we will highlight the problems whilst also providing solutions. The story will leave Balinese audiences to choose what world they wish to pass on to their grandchildren and the generations who follow.

‘Balinese Rice’ is a collection of short stories containing underling messages that will spark a passion and awareness for the great importance of Balinese farmers, their ancestral farming lands, Balinese farming heritage, and food security.

It will redefine the image of the Balinese farmer to be a valued member of the community, someone whom has a positive impact on our planet and offers food security. It aims to motivate both communities and government to take action now to protect ancestral rice terraces.

Our ‘Balinese Rice’ Wayang Performance will premiered live at the 38th Annual Bali Arts Festival running from June 11th – July 9th.

The second form of storytelling uses video to document the real life solutions. We are documenting Balinese farmers who have already drastically increased their income & families livelihoods by adopting a variety of natural, non-chemical farming methods. We are also documenting new inventions and ideas that Subaks (Community Farming Associations) may wish to implement to evolve and survive into the future. We will film the Wayang Kulit Performance ‘Balinese Rice’ & upload it with the additional educational farming films to the internet.


The challenge… how do we make these stories accessible to the entire Balinese population. Shadow Puppet Theatre was chosen because it is the ideal medium to touch a Balinese audience, but physically, how do we spread it and the educational farming documentaries to the entire Balinese population?

It’s not as simple as just uploading them to the internet as many Balinese, especially poorer farming communities, do not have access to internet… This is where you come in…


Plan A ‘The Basic – Budget’

A Crowdfunding success of $20, 000 will allow us to purchase a quantity of projectors and screens and tour the performance throughout Bali. Village leaders, government officials, heads of Subaks and local villagers will be invited to the screenings.

During the tour and online we will promote that our projection equipment is available to borrow should locals wish to have additional screenings during temple festivals, at schools or monthly Subak meetings.

It would also allow us to produce and send a DVD bundle of all films to every Subak (approx. 1200) in Bali.

Plan A + B ‘The Dream – Budget’

A Crowdfunding Success that reaches the Dream Budget of $50, 000 would extend our growing season significantly. In addition to Plan A, it would allow us to get super creative and adapt the ‘Balinese Rice’ story into Wayang Listrik, (Electric Shadow Theatre)… a visual extravaganza that will use live actors in the composition in addition to digital projection & traditional puppetry.

Our puppet master I Made Sidia, is not only one of Bali’s most acclaimed shadow puppet artists, but also an accomplished, performer, dancer and teacher who has collaborated in numerous national and international productions, performing in Australia, Europe, the United Stated & Asia. I Made Sidia and his crew of 10 puppeteers, orchestra and students have the creative talent and tools to make ‘Balinese Rice’ a truly huge spectacle…if we get enough rain that is!

The Dream-Big budget would allow us to create an incredible premiere and a 2nd live tour of Bali. It would also allow us to spend more time and energy creating the additional educational farming & Subak films, and produce DVD packages to send to all Balinese schools.

If you’ve made it this far, there is a fair chance you care about Bali and its beautiful people. It is vital that we all unite to ensure a healthy and prosperous future for Bali and those who share their island’s beauty with the rest of the world.

Thousands of drops equal rain… If we receive enough life giving rain, Rescue Bali will grow to it’s full potential, bear fruit and spread more seeds.